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Success Stories

We are proud to represent and help people like you throughout our community. The reason we practice family law is for our clients. To see the smiles on our clients’ faces and the tears of joy they cry when we help them get custody of their children makes it all worthwhile.

In addition to the success stories mentioned on our About page, here are a few more we thought we’d share.

Excellent attorney

“I strongly recommend Mr. Khoa Nguyen because of his professionalism, knowledge and integrity. Mr. Nguyen was extremely patient with me especially since this was an emotional and stressful process for me. He made sure I understand every aspect and detail of my case; he made sure that my concerns were addressed. He was excellent in court and given the short time frame to prepare for my hearing, he was well-prepared to speak on my behalf. Further, he listened to my needs and was willing to voice my requests. I was completely satisfied with the outcome of my custody case. I sincerely appreciate everything he did and I am grateful to have met Mr. Nguyen. I highly recommend him!”


Reliable and Realistic

“When I first separated from my ex-wife over 3 years ago, I made the mistake of proceeding with the divorce without an attorney and agreed to a settlement (regarding Child Custody and Support) that would make anyone in their right mind cringe. After realizing the error of my ways, I sought an attorney and was lucky to find Mr. Nguyen. As the process to right my wrongs proceeded, Mr. Nguyen was always responsive to my concerns. His advice gave me realistic expectations, and I could tell from the beginning that his motive was not just to take my money, but to help someone in need. We have been through a few hearings together, and I have always felt confident under Mr. Nguyen’s representation. In the support hearing, he was able to reduce my support payments by a substantial amount, despite going into the hearing with an expectation of a continuance. The greatest feat, however, was when my ex took me to court with plans to reduce my timeshare with the kids; under Mr. Nguyen’s representation, I did not lose any timeshare, and I came out of the courtroom with more. I highly recommend Mr. Nguyen as an honest and diligent attorney.”


Discredits all negative attorney stereotypes

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I recently had to deal with a situation nobody wants to deal with but a situation which nonetheless had to be addressed. This was the hardest thing I have had to deal with I would have preferred to learn how to walk for the 3rd time and deal with the pain again before dealing with this. I called literally over 100 attorneys. He made everything manageable and really understood and spoke up for what was right for everyone’s future. The bottom line is there are people that are there to get paid and people who care what happens next. Mr. Khoa Nguyen really cares and most importantly, he’s an amazing attorney and a hell of a human being. I MOST DEFINITELY recommended Khoa for any family matter. He discredits all stereotypes of attorneys. Awesome Awesome Awesome”


A new beginning

“I’ve just hired Mr. Nguyen and in this brief amount of time, he has kept me informed on the details of my case, and he responds almost immediately. I can’t wait to see him in action at court in two weeks. I will re-post about how he moves around in the courtroom at a later date, but since this is the first time I’ve ever hired a lawyer I thought I should at least say Mr. Nguyen is very approachable, responsive and sympathetic to my needs, as I am a frazzled grandmother”


The Best Family Attorney In OC

“Khoa is a very UNIQUE attorney…He genuinely cares, listens and is always available to take my calls or email me back. Extremely aggressive and knowledgeable in court. I interviewed many attorneys to help me in my fight to see my Grandson. I decided on Khoa. He is articulate, does what he says and genuinely CARES for his clients. You WILL NOT find a better family attorney anywhere… Thank you Khoa, from the bottom of my heart… Sincerely, Michelle Proud Grandma”

Most considerate of my goals

“Khoa is not only very professional and knowledgeable but was very intuitive in finding out what my goals were and delivered what he promised. I could not be more happy with his service.”


You are appreciated

I am so glad I hired Khoa to help with my family court needs. He is attentive, honest and hard working. My calls were always returned in a timely manner. He made sure I understood everything going on. I knew he had my best interest at heart. I have since referred him to a friend going through similar family needs. Thank you Khoa! You are appreciated.


Successful Outcome

This is a bittersweet moment for me. Finally coming to the end of my divorce. I can not thank you enough for all your effort and time that you dedicated, not to mention the uplifting motivation and assurance you gave to me to see it through.

I truly believe with all your profound knowledge and your talented expertise I received a successful outcome on my divorce case.

And anyone who is going through a divorce, I would highly recommend your professional assistance.

They would be very smart to do so and thankful they did!


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