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Since 2010, Nguyen Law Group has passionately represented people who are going through a divorce or another family law challenge in Orange County and the surrounding communities of California. Our professional yet personal legal service has won us numerous awards, including:

  • Attorney selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers Rising Stars every year since 2019
  • Attorney earned the Lawyers of Distinction Award five years in a row
  • American Institute of Family Law Attorneys “10 Best Attorneys” for exceptional and outstanding client service in California

What matters most to us, though, is helping you make it through an incredibly difficult time and emerge stronger on the other side.

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Awards Are Nothing Without Real Results

People often ask why we practice family law after handling hundreds of cases over the past decade. They ask because it is very emotional and complex and can put a strain on people who aren’t even personally involved. It’s not something many people will do by choice. The answer is that we do it for the people, for our clients. We want to help them be successful and get to a better place in their life.

One successful case involved a father who was falsely accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife and was forbidden from seeing his two children while the court hearing was pending. We worked together to show the court he was the best parent to care for the children. On the day of the hearing, we prevailed and our client was cleared of all allegations. The court also granted him full custody. The judge ordered the children turned over to him immediately. When we walked into the court hallway, we stood next to our client as his children ran up to him screaming, “Daddy!” He began to cry tears of joy and thanked us for being there for him when no one else seemed to care.

Another successful outcome involved a client and her ex-husband. Her ex-husband had been hiding assets and earning income under the table in an attempt to avoid dividing their money equitably and paying her any spousal support (alimony). At trial, we presented evidence of the ex-husband’s wrongdoings and the court awarded her more than half of their assets and increased her spousal support by over 50%. Additionally, our client was awarded approximately $50,000 in attorney fees. She expressed her sincere gratitude and could hardly believe the outcome because it surpassed her expectations.

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We understand how difficult the road ahead can seem, but we are determined to walk down it with you. To request a free, confidential initial consultation, please reach out to our Newport Beach office by calling [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-CT-NUMBER-1″] or by using our online contact form. When you need help, contact family law attorneys who truly care about you.