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At Nguyen Law Group, we have hands-on experience helping parents who need to receive or pay child support. Our award-winning Newport Beach child support lawyers explore all the relevant factors so you receive or pay a fair and reasonable amount.

The reason we practice family law in the first place is to do what is right for families. Having represented hundreds of people since 2010, we have delivered hundreds of positive outcomes that uphold the best interests of our clients and their children.

Understanding Child Support In California

In California, child support is the money one parent pays the other in order to support the couple’s children. Usually, the courts use a mathematical formula (or “guideline”) to calculate child support. The guideline calculation contains many factors, with two of the primary being:

  • Each parent’s income, if any
  • The timeshare (custody and visitation arrangement) between the parents

Having said this, many other factors can come into play in a child support case. Judges can also consider other factors such as:

  • Each parent’s separate assets
  • Each parent’s health insurance
  • Each parent’s earning potential
  • The cost of child care

We consider every possible detail that could affect your outcome. Then, we tenaciously present a persuasive case to the judge. Often, our lawyers help clients reach an agreement without the need for a trial.

Handling All Related Family Law Issues

As a cohesive family law firm, we can assist you with all related issues that affect your child support arrangement. If you need to establish paternity to enforce your right to receive support, we can help you. If you have experienced domestic abuse, we can represent you and advocate for a child custody arrangement that protects your children.

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