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How is child support calculated in California?

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Child Support


When divorce involves children, there can be several potentially difficult issues to get through. One of the most common issues when discussing children is child support, and many questions occur when discussing the matter.

How long does child support usually last? How is child support calculated? Does one or both of us have to pay?

In this post, we discuss the child support basics in California.

How is child support calculated?

California allows judges to decide and issue child support orders based on a calculator that uses a formula based on the income of both parents, and how much time in percentages the child spends with each parent. The state also provides an online calculator to help you input your respective incomes and time with the child to get a hypothetical support amount.

One or both parents may be ordered to pay child support, depending on their respective incomes and physical time spent with the children.

The calculations can get complicated when considering deductions and extra sources of income. As such, it can be a promising idea to consult an attorney when trying to get an estimate of a potential child support order.

How long do child support payments typically last?

There are several different scenarios that alter the duration of child support payments. Payments usually end when the child is 18 and has either completed high school or turns 19.

Child support payments will also stop if the child gets married, joins the armed forces or faces an untimely passing. Parents of children with disabilities that render the child unable to care for his or her own needs may be asked by the courts to continue child support to meet the needs of the child.

What if I need assistance discussing child support?

If you find the idea of calculating a potential Orange County child support order confounding, you are not alone. The calculator takes many factors into consideration. It can be beneficial to discuss custody arrangements and child support with an attorney well-versed in California law.